Community Music Space POLICies

Year Long Lesson Subscriptions:

  1. Your yearly payment will be split into 10 payments, billed monthly, based on the length of your lesson at the agreed upon price.

  2. When you purchase a year long lessons membership, you will receive 35 individual lessons that you can use between September 1st and July 1st. After each lesson, your attendance will be recorded by the faculty and confirmed by our admin. If you do not use all of your lessons, you may choose to roll them into the summer. All programs refresh the following September. If you are unable to use all 35 lessons due to unavailability of your teacher, we will extend your lesson credits at the discretion of the director.

  3. We account for lessons in total minutes taken. If you decide to take a longer lesson (say a 45 minute lesson instead of a 30 minute lesson to prepare for an upcoming performance) we will simply pull from your total allotted yearly lesson amount.

  4. If you use all of your lessons or minutes prior to the end of the school year, we will notify you and you can purchase more lessons a la cart at the same rate as your yearly lessons membership.

  5. Your first months payment is due upon sale date. After that you will be charged on the sale date of each month.

  6. All cancellations and rescheduling can be made using the Acuity Scheduling app or directly with your teacher by phone, text, or email. If your teacher is not available, you may choose to study with another teacher if they are available.

  7. You may cancel your lessons membership at anytime. Upon cancellation, any unused balance will be transferred to your account and may be taken at any time throughout the year and no further payments will be made to your account. We do DO NOT offer refunds on remaining balances, only credit. Balances are transferable to any other lesson or class, however cash refunds are not given.

  8. We carry a 24 hour cancellation policy. For the year long subscription we offer two exemptions due to weather or sickness. After that we reserve the right to mark the appointment as a no show in which case it will be deducted from the total remaining. Late cancellations are up to the discretion of the individual teacher and will be approved by the director.

6 and 10 Pack Lesson Packages:

  1. Payment is due after the first initial lesson. The initial lesson will be applied to the package once it is purchased.

  2. Payment must be made to continue lessons.

  3. payment is due the week after the initial lesson.

  4. We carry a 24 hour policy for our lesson packages. For every purchase we offer one exemption due to weather or sickness.

  5. You will not be charged for faculty cancellations.

  6. We keep track of lesson and will send a reminder when your package is low. You must purchase another package to continue attending lessons.

  7. All packages are transferable to other lessons of the the same value or to another teacher or family member.

  8. Refunds for packages are NOT given but the balance may be applied to a credit towards another lesson or class.

Year Long Class Policies:

Year Long classes run from September to June. Classes are each week, except for holidays and weather related cancellations. We will attempt to make up cancelled classes however rescheduling is not guaranteed. No refunds are given after the first month of class.

Tuition is due at the beginning of each semester or scheduled workshop unless arrangements have been made specifically with the teacher.

We do not offer makeup classes. If you miss class or class is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, content will be made up in subsequent classes.

Food and drink are not permitted inside the studios except by permission of the faculty.

Use of cell phones and other electronics is not permitted during class unless directed so by faculty.

CMS cannot be held liable for injury in class/performance or on the Chocolate Factory premises.

School Closing Policy

Community Music Space is generally open unless indicated by a banner on our website or by direct communication with our faculty. If you are unsure whether the school is open, check the website first. You can also confirm directly with your teacher or by contacting us.